Author RJ McCarthy​​

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Wat Haggard and Prairie Wren

Winter, rural Nebraska. Patrolling his county, aging Sheriff, Wat Haggard, is passed by a Ford Super duty truck and notices a foot sticking out of a camper shell. Haggard gives chase and pulls the truck over to discover an indigenous woman chained inside. When he goes to secure the occupants of the truck, she begs him not to leave her. He promises he won’t.

The woman has been kidnapped by four laid-off, Bakken Oil Field workers. When Haggard confronts the kidnappers, he is shot from behind. Left for dead, the bullet only grazed him. Through blowing snow and frozen landscapes, what follows is Haggard’s dogged pursuit of the criminals and the woman. Beyond his duties as a law officer, a promise must be kept.