Author RJ McCarthy​​

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2019 - The next quarter century will witness an eruption of genetic manipulation. Initially purposed for disease prevention, gene editing will rapidly transfigure to seekers of genetic augmentation. It will likely become the purview of the well-off, the military and professional law enforcement. There is, however, the issue of unintended consequences. With a movement toward genetic enhancement, predictions are already raising concern that human qualities will diminish, most noteworthy empathy.

2044 - A serial killer is rampaging in New York City, his signature prodigious strength combined with uncontrollable rage. Despite an FBI staff heavily tilted toward genetically-enhanced agents, it's the Behavioral Analysis Unit's unenhanced agent, Ari Harmony, who intuits a profile of the killer. Harmony, working from his unaltered human instincts, suspects he's seeking a genetic edit gone wrong.

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